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Monday, April 28, 2008


It was a booky weekend at my place.

We finally returned the late library books. I had one that somehow didn't get returned when the others did, and my daughter had 4 from when a friends mom took the girls. We have had these books in our home for 8 years.

So I found them recently while doing the clean up organize the house thing. I was horrified, so embarrassed. I'd like it noted that I never received a letter from them at all, but we stopped going because I knew about the book that I needed to return.

I sucked it up and went to the library Friday, fully expecting to be hauled off the jail. They tell me the books are no longer in their system, and the charge is for the purchase price of the books, not the fines. Good thing because I peeked around at her screen and the late fees for the one adult book would have been $167! So she is very sweet, and tells me the cost of the books is $65, but they are in such good condition that she is going to talk to her manager about them, see what she can do.
Okay, this is it, this is where she sneaks away to call the LibraryPoliceman ( and thanks to Stephen King, I'm really afraid) .
She comes back and informs me that since they are in such good condition the fines will be $3 a book. Huh? Fifteen dollars after 8 years?
And then she offers to make us new cards.
WHAT? You mean your going to let us check books out again? It's a crime to not return library books, and you are going to let criminals like us have more?

So we spent a lovely hour and a half, walking through the stacks, Kate checked out 2 books from the YA section, I got 5. I was still waiting for the catch until we got to the car.
I am a library person again!

I also have a big box of books here that I am going to take by to donate, it'll help my guilty conscience.

Saturday we went back for the Library Book Sale!

Every year there is a huge used book sale. Rooms of tables filled with books! Some are old ones from the library , most are donated. Every kind of book you could want, and videos, textbooks, everything.

I bought 14 hardcover books, 6 paperbacks, and a videotape movie. All for $16

I am a happy Bug.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thanks Everyone

For all the Love and Good thoughts.

I didn't get it

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Have a Job Interview!

So I have been enjoying the Domestic thing, very muchly.
I feel like I have uncluttered my home, and my mind. I am feeling organized finally, after several years of chaos. I have reconnected with my kid, and maybe on the road to reconnecting with my husband.
The original plan was to take 2 months off , regroup, reorganize, get some sleep, and concentrate on my health and family.
I feel I've done that.
I am satisfied that I accomplished what I needed to in my time off.
It's been 3 months, and it's time to go back to work.

I want more money.
I didn't quit my job without thought, I was sure we wouldn't be lacking before I chose to take the break. We'd be tight, no extras, but we ended up with unexpected expensives , (isn't that always the way?) Hubby didn't have the overtime we expected, and gas prices went up, his commute cost more, medical expensives, etc.
Not spending any money was harder than I thought, but we did okay.
Being at home only made me see all the home improvements I wanted to do.
Being home would be much more fun if someone paid me to do it.
So it was time to look for work, I need a pedicure.

Last month I started doing the job search thing, and I just don't think I'm good at looking for a job.
I go in all confident and sure of my skills, knowing what an assest I'd be to anyone who is lucky enough to hire me, and leave having filled out an application, sure that I don't look good on paper , and worried if I answered right about my education ( none) and if I wore the right shoes.
I am all confidence , and yet not confident at all.

Hubby tells me not to worry, not to settle for another crappy job, take my time, find something good. He also yells at me over money.
And if it really comes down to money, both of my last jobs would hire me back in a second, I could go to work tomorrow, in a low paying go nowhere job that I would give my all to, I could.
But this time I have set my sights a little higher, and hope I can wait.

So I have been filling out applications, signed up for the State job search thing, search the ads in the local paper everyday. Not a call back , not a nibble in 4 weeks.

I am saying ,
"The perfect job for me is coming to me now!"
"I am finding the perfect job that is finding me!"
"I am the perfect person for the right job, right now!"

Because when it really comes down to it, I am a fucking optimist, Dammit!
I know, even when I'm feeling down , feeling low, that I bounce.
I am a half full glass kinda gal!

( I don't even want to be an optimist, even when I want to be sad I can't for long , it's like this weird Pollyanna brightside curse thing. It's not funny!)

The very first application I filled out, 4 weeks ago, was for a job with the City.
Good benefits, nice pay, the hours I want ( I don't want to work nights and weekends anymore) .
And they called, this week, twice. They want to interview me in person tomorrow. It isn't for the first job I applied for, but they had another open the day I went in, and I was told I could have my application routed to both departments, and this one I am actually better qualified for.
I know that if they don't hire me it wasn't the right job for me, but I think I want it.
I really think I want it.

So if you are reading this, and you want to maybe send me some positive vibes, that would be really nice.

Friday at 3 p.m. central time, send some light to your Buggy pal!

Ya'll be safe, and well!