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Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Stuff


Monday is my baby's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Katie!

We knew she was going to be a C-section, ( she was breach from 6 months on, never would turn, that stubborn thing) and I was so afraid she would be born on Leap Day.

I was an adult at 17, she isn't yet, and I am so glad for that.

But just the thought that my child is 17, makes me cry.

I don't want her to change, I love her just the way she is right now.
I have loved her just the way she is every year, so I am sure I will be just as happy with her when she is 18, and 20 and 30.

Those of you with small kids, don't blink, it goes so fast. Too fast.

The photo is Katie at 12, one of my favorites.


Or as my Grandmother used to say "Ad VER tis ments"

I said to my Hubby a couple of years ago that if McDonalds stopped running ads we wouldn't forget they existed.

Weird thing is that today I realized that I hadn't seen a MickieD ad for awhile. I saw an online ad for McDonalds, that made me realize that I hadn't seen a TV commercial in a long while. They used to run on the TV all day, but when was the last time you saw a McD's ad on the TV?
Think about it.
And Car company ads were thick, but not lately.
I think it's a money thing.
McDonalds is doing okay, so they don't need to spend money on TV comercials, Car companies can't afford as many TV spots so they are fewer.
I think it's a money thing.
Just an observation.


March 4th, march forth!
Say it outloud.
March FORTH!
My Mom used to say it was a special day because of how it sounded.
In my family it was another chance to start the new year.
Did your year start off badly? Did you already fuck up your resolutions?
Well you get another chance go start over, yes you do.

March Fourth!
It's nearly Spring and you can just march right into it.
It's new, new year start.
Celebrate MarchForth!

Stuff You Should Do

Besides marching forth and hugging your kids ( and taking pictures when they are little, I didn't take enough pictures)

You should

Send some mental *HUGS* to Silvergirl and her family. They have some health concerns and could use the good thoughts and prayers.

Call an old friend, someone you haven't talked to in awhile.
I talked to 2 friends last week that I hadn't connected with in years. Both are people I have known for about 30 yrs. They are your past, they share your memories.
( For me it was refreshing to know that they think I am the same, that we could "pick up" like yesterday, that no matter what happens, we share a common past.)

Read FADE by Lisa McMann.
I know she is my friend, so I may be a bit partial, but the woman can write.
And you know there is just something wonderful about watching someone have a dream and acheive it. Supporting a good writers dream is rewarding to the reader.

Speaking of reading.
You should go to Superman's blog.
He is writing again, and it's good stuff.

And always, be kind to someone everyday.
Smile even when you don't feel like it ( sometimes you should smile especially when you don't feel like it) .

Be patient.
Patient is hard, and that is why you should try.

Be Well!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Pantry - After

All clean!
If I say so myself, it's a neat as one of my grocery shelves at work.
It still needs a brighter bulb though.

My Dirty Pantry ( before)

I hope there will be some "After" pictures to go with these.