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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Little of This, a Pinch of That

I am almost embarressed to update, since I've been terribly absent from the Blogs of my friends.
I could lie and say I've been blurking, but I haven't. Heck, I don't even check my own Blog anymore.
But I should put something here.

Tiny Holes

There was this kid who came through my lunchline last year who had the smallest nostrils I've ever seen. I mean teeny tiny. Couldn't even pick his nose if he wanted to, he couldn't fit a Q-tip in that tiny nostril, much less a finger ( even a pinky) maybe he could could fit a toothpick in there, but that would be gross. Other that that, he was a nice looking kid, polite too.
So one day I was looking at his nice face with his unusually tiny nostrils, thinking about how those had to be the smallest nose holes EVER, and how did he pick his nose, and how no one else could ever have such small nostrils, when his twin brother walked up.
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

The New Job Thing

I am not so sure I like the new job, yet.
It is more involved than I ever knew ( I maybe should have paid more attention to what the CS did while I was doing my job)
Anyway, it's going to be okay, I haven't found my comfort level yet, but I will.
It'd not so much customer complaints that I have a problem with, it's all the procedure involved with returns. Enter this code and that code, scan this and that. I feel stupid because I don't 'get it' yet. I hate feeling stupid.
The other thing I have trouble with is being in charge. I am in charge of the cashiers, and last week I was one. Telling people what to do? Turns out I'm not so comfortable with it yet.
I love my Store though, and the managers all seem to have confidence in me. I think it'll be okay.

I Feel Pretty!

I had my hair done today, a cut and highlights.
I feel so pretty I've decided that my new goal is to be useless and ornamental.
Which brings up a funny, because I told my sister this on the phone today and she said
" What? You want to be Asian?"
( Say it out loud. Ornamental. See? It's funny!)

Is it shallow?
Is it Vain?
Of course it is!
But that's it.
I no longer care if I am smart or witty, I just wanna look cute.
My goal is to be ornamental.
My husband should be all over this, but he criticized my oh so cute highlights, and had the nerve to ask what it cost! He pays more on the yard each month than I spend on my hair in a year!
Isn't it more important to have a cute wife, than a trimmed yard?
I thought so too.