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Saturday, August 18, 2007

No More Cookies for Buggy

No cookies, no cake, no delicious salty sweet Payday candy bars. No juice, no booze, no carbs, no fat.

Yesterday I went to my Doctor to get the results of my bloodwork. I was really just going to see if my cholesterol had gotten better since I'd lost weight, and to have her recommend someone to see about my knees, which have gotten really bad.
So that was my main concern, my knees, oh and I've been really tired lately, but I've been working lots.

What she found was not what I expected.

I've been dignosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Not borderline, not 'we'll keep and eye on this' , but actual 'have to poke my finger all day and check it and probably need medication my whole life' , fucking Diabetes!

And my freakin cholestrol is still crazy high.

On the bright side ( ha, like there is a bright side) , I've been eating very poorly lately. It's not like I was eating well and taking good care of myself and my blood glucose was high, nope. I've been eating bad, so it might be possible to help it some with better eating habits.
Help it some, not fix it, not make it go away.

I told my Husband that at least I wasn't just whineing about being really tired and not feeling good. I really don't feel good, I've been feeling sick because I've been sick.

And now I'm scared

At least we have insurance now ( score another point for the bright side) and I like my Doctor very much.
She took more tests, and will be setting me an appointment for a place that teaches you how to eat, and test your blood sugar. Also ordered x-rays for my knees and will be schedualing an appointment with an orthopedic knee specialist.

I just want to climb into bed. I've been tired and depressed and stressed, and I don't want to power through it anymore. I want to lie down. I've been sick.

But I have to go to work later, and it looks like any days off will be spent at Doctor appts.

Thanks for listening to me, any good thoughts you may want to send will be much appreciated.