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Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Post- Little Gems

Weltek wanted a new post, she is lovely and I adore her so I want to give her something new, something fresh.
Something not about what an asshole my Husband is. Because goodness knows we are all tired of what an asshole my Husband is ( note that Weltak never called my Hubby an asshole, I did)

I wish I had something to talk about that was happy and positive and didn't revolve around the abusive idiot I married.

Maybe I do, because you know I look for those gems, those little things that help me get through the shit. Sometimes it's hard to find those gems, (tonight it's very hard) sometimes it's hard to write good stuff when all I think about is messy . But I am happy to search for them.
Sometimes I have to remind myself to search for them.

Today's little gems!

The Library Book Sale!

Twice a year our local County Library does a used book sale. If you've been reading here for awhile you know I've written about it before. It is awesome!
I don't read as much as I used to to, I don't read as much as I'd like to, but I have books.
I have to have them.
Like stashed candy, hidden away for when I really need it (or that tiny little stash of pot that I never smoke, but I know it's there)
I have books.
I have books I don't even know I have.

The Library Used Book Sale is 2 huge rooms full of books. Tables and tables and tables of books.
New books, and most hardcovers go for $1.00, some special books ( or more popular authors) are $2.00. Paperbacks for 25 to 50 cents. Books on tape for $2, old CD's for $1, they even have some DVD's for under $3.
It's an amazing thing!
I live for the Book Sale!
I wish I could bring you all with me to the Book Sale!

I come home with a huge bag filled with more than I can read, always.

Today I spent $15.00.
I came home with 9 books for me, 2 CD's for the idiot I married, 3 children's books for the kids nextdoor ( Katie picked them so she would have something new to read to them when she babysits. Isn't she amazing? I'm so proud of her.)
2 paperbacks for Katie, and a beautiful color photo travelbook of Japan, that she Loves.
( We searched and searched for something similar for France, maybe next time.)
All that for 15 bucks!
And let's not forget the joy of just touching all those books for 2 hours.

The sale is held in the Old Library, the part that has been there since the late 1800's ( there is some very cool very historic old shit in my town, people!)
It smells like books, and History, and it's beautiful.

Of course I still have a big bag of books that won't fit in my shelves ( and I have several bookshelves, and many baskets for them) from the last book sale, but that's okay. I will never be without something good to read. Ever.

And a bonus is a recommendation.
Last book sale I bought a book just because I liked the cover, and I picked it up a week ago; finished it yesterday.
Janet Fitch - Paint it Black
She wrote White Oleander, but I didn't know that when I bought Paint it Black
Get it! Read it! It's amazing!

I'm Fat

Okay so I'm not so much as I used to be , FAT, but I've been slacking and put on some weight.
Okay, so slacking is an understatment. ( and maybe some weight, is an understatement too)
I have type 2 diabetes, and I'm good when I watch what I eat and keep my weight down and excercise , take my meds , and control my stress.
( LAUGH! The stress is the hardest one to control, and it really isn't under my control at all)

After the booksale we stopped into the awesomely amazing store , Sweet Repeats.
One of the resale clothing stores in my town. ( There used to be 0ne, now there are four. I have only been to 2 of them).
I tried some on clothes, and then scrapped our original lunch plans for a place that served a salad. ( Katie was pissed ) .
I did find a great pair of jeans for 12 bucks, and Katie found a beautiful pair of crystal dangly earrings for $8.
I could have found more if I'd been in the mood to look at larger sizes, but it was humid out and I didn't want to totally burn my Book Sale Buzz.

Yes, This all about Shopping, You Gotta a Problem with That?

I wanted happy, you wanted happy ( you know you did).
This is the happy.
Oh and I bought a Shark floor steam cleaner washer thing at my work Friday.
I have wanted one forever, ( really really wanted one after Pam bragged about hers) but just couldn't afford it.
But for $55 bucks and then another 20% off with my employee discount, I had to have it.
We only had 10 of them in the store, and by Sunday they would be gone. I took them off the truck, I put them on the shelf, I already owned it, I had to take it home.

It is in the trunk of my car. It will stay there til Hubby goes to work on Monday.
He won't even notice it if I get rid of the box.
The sad thing is that I worked hard for it, and we can afford it, but he would still bitch about it.

Really Talented Kids - A True Tale of a High School Musical

Tonight we went to the High School Musical Production of The Music Man , at my daughter's school.
We went because Katie likes a boy who was in the production.
It was so good!
Her friend played several parts, and he was in most of the show, and he was very good.
Very good!
And overall the entire show was very entertaining!
I never knew that our High School auditorum had an actual orchestra pit in the stage.
For real!
The production had live music, and it was great!!
The kids were all very talented. I mean VERY talented.
It was so fun!
We got there early, so we had great seats until Katie saw some of her friends and we went and sat with them. The seats not so great, the friends not so polite.
Katie has trouble with social issues. She has to work at that which many of us find easy.
The social thing.
And to be honest, I struggle with understanding it.
The social thing is natural for me.
I get it, make eye contact, be friendly, be polite. I can talk to anyone.
Katie struggles with that. She is working at it, but making friends is hard for her.
Fitting in is an issue for her.
But these kids were less socially apt then she is.
Katie introduced me to her friends , she was polite, they were rude.
( And maybe I am just old, but people should wash their hair, just saying)

Anyway, my daughter was lovely, and her friend performed so well in the show. ( He's a cutie!)
The Show was so good! So Fun!!!
I may start going to High School performances just for entetainment.
Live theatre for 10 bucks a ticket, can't beat it for the price, and I am all about the little gems.

Love ya all