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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just For Morons

So I was talking on the phone to my Hubby this weekend, and he says he is going to go out and get a haircut. This is good, he needed one, and I told him not to be afraid to get it cut short ( they always leave it too long and he never says anything).
So then he tells me he used that Just For Men haircolor crap.

I guess being the "Old Man" at work has been getting to him. Being on the late side of his 40's makes him old enough to be the dad of most of the guys he is working with.
They are of a different generation, mostly in their 20's, and they dress differently and talk differently and listen to different music. Changing his hair isn't going to make him 30 again.
Or cool.

Silly old man, his wife doesn't want him to look like a boy, his wife loves his silvery hair. It looks sexy ( though he insists on wearing it too long).

He tells me the color turned his hair orange, and he needs it cut short enough to fit under his hat! ACK!
So I say in my sweetest most supportive wife voice, " I told you so, Dumbass!"
And suggested he stay in Florida til it grows out.
Luckily he was kidding , he says it's back to sandy blond, and he thinks it makes him look younger. Yah , suuuuure, whatever.

He says goodbye , telling me that it's good we still want to look good for eachother.

If he wanted to look good to me, he would leave his hair silver and learn to pick his dirty socks up off the floor.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Hamster!

51 hours into New Hamster Watch, and he is still alive.
We have named the little guy, Zipper, and call him Zippy.
He is fast, so it fits.
I am just glad he is still alive.
Since November I've killed 3 hamsters, a cat, and a mom.
Sucks to be me!
( or a friend of me, so think about that for a minute, I'll understand if you want to run away now.)
*Ha Ha Ha*

Zippy is a running fool! He loves the wheel!
I suggested we re-name him Forest, my child balks at this. We keep lloking at him, making sure he is still alive.
His name is Zippy!
And it fits him.
I am already attached to him.
He has sweet little beady black eyes, is so soft, and he lived! He survived the drive home!
Surviving the drive home has become a big deal for me. I love pets that live through the drive!
When he dies ( approximently 6 months from now) I'll be devastated.
This is why I don't want pets! It's bad enough when people die on me, but pets too?
L ike I need another tiny grave in my back yard!

But he is cute, the Zippy, I like him very much. He makes the KatieBug happy, and that is good enough for me.
He runs the wheel 6 ft from my desk, RUN ZIPPY!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Odds and Ends

Nothing important enough for it's own posting, just some random stuff I've been thinking about.

Happy People

Where are these happy people I see on the WalMart commercials? None of these people work at my WalMart. In fact, I have lived in this town for 12 years and I have never seen any of these people anywhere else. Weird.
As often as I go in that damned place, you think I would know one of the people who work there. ONE!
A woman I used to work with said her sons worked there , but I never saw them there, ever.
In fact one of my neighbors claimed he worked there, but never once have I seen him there.
I seldom see the same checker twice!
Someone needs to investigate, because if there are aliens amoung us? That is where to find them.

Used Guns

There is a new store in the little strip shop plaza near my house.
There is a Dominos , a Subway, a tanning place, and a new store.
The new store is a Gun shop.
It's Texas. so it's not a shock there would be a gun store there, afterall hunting is big here , and Texans love their guns.
It's just the sign on the big banner out front.
What were they used for?
Everytime I drive by, I wonder.

Mad Skills

I got some skills.
Like, I can make kids laugh.
Easily. If I want to make a kid laugh, I can. Not that nervous laugh thing either, but genuine amused laughter. It's a skill.
I can also make perfect rice in the microwave. Really!
White rice, brown rice, rice made with broth, rice with vegis, always perfect.
But never on the stove. I can't master the rice on the stove thing, but in the micro oven?
I am a genius with the rice.
And I can find things that are lost. If it's in my house, I can find it.
If my Hubby misplaced a slip of paper with a phone number on it, I can find it.
If my kid lost a plastic pokemon that is an inch high? I can find it.
If I ever saw it, I can find it.
I got skills! ( and you all thought they kept me around because I'm cute? HA!)

Beer Shower

So last time my husband was home, I had a beer shower.
I miscalculated how long it would take them to get home from the airport, and I happened to be in the shower when he got home.
So there I was in the shower, and my husband opened the shower door and said , " Hello BaaaaBY!" And then he handed me a beer, gave me a quick smooch, closed the shower and left.
So there I was in the shower with a full unopened beer.
People don't drink beer in the shower! Do they?
Then I realized that there were probably thousands of men who drink beer in the shower everyday. Then it occurred to me that my husband was probably one of those men.

So I opened the beer, took a swig, set it on the shelf, and thought about it while I washed my hair. I took another few drinks, then shaved my legs , while I thought it about it some more.
I decided that you need to have a handy shelf in the shower that is behind the showerhead , so your beer doesn't get water in it (that's important) , and that for safety you should only drink canned beer and not glass bottle.
But the more I thought about it, ( and sipped) I couldn't really find a reason not to drink a beer in the shower.
In the end, I decided I enjoyed drinking beer while showering, and that my husband is a total alcoholic for thinking of it in the first place.

Popular demand?

So I hear people actually come to this place and find themselves dissapointed by the lack of updates.
Who knew anyone wanted to hear what I had to say?
Lately I have lots of wandering thoughts but no real focus, so I haven't written anything.
Nothing seemed important enough for it's own column; besides ( and I know some of you will be shocked) but I find other people more interesting.
And though it's not an excuse for neglecting my little soupy spot on the web, I've been playing games a lot lately.
I'm well ( for the most part) my family is doing okay, the dogs still live here ( and I still hate them) hopefully that will remedy itself before I have to go crazy and kill someone.

For those of you worried about whether I'll be returning to our shared internet community, I think I will, not sure yet, but not quite ready to walk completely away.
I didn't leave out of any sort of protest, I wasn't trying to change anything, or make a statement, I want to make that clear.
I just need to take a break, take a think, figure out why I was so upset, and how to fix that in me.

Anyway, I'll be adding something new here ( hopefully tonight) and it will probably be bits of nothing, so don't complain if it's boring, afterall, nobody is making you read my crap. *laugh*
I've negelected my own writing for far too long though.