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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yarn Math

I have been making a gift for my MIL
( Yes, the one who upsets me)
It's a shawl ( or, if she hates it, something to throw over a chair)
Each ball of yarn if 71 yards long.
I have just started on the 5th ball.
Every row takes me 10 to 15 minutes to knit ( I'm slow)
I have no idea how many rows I've knitted, I just know that it isn't done.
The yarn is so beautiful that I don't even have to be good.

I bought the yarn when I wasn't smoking, and each ball cost about a pack of cigs, so it's almost like the thing was free.
And each row was 15 minutes that I wasn't holding a cigarette.

And as bad as I am at knitting? It's beautiful.

I once babysat a toddler for a friend of my Husband, just for the craft hobby money.
For a YEAR!
I potty trained someone else's whiney 2 year old just to pay for my ceramics habit.
I made some cool stuff though.

When we had no money for craft supplies, I used to sculpt out of shredded newspaper, and glue and sand, and scraps of magazines.
Before the internet came to my house, I was an artist.

So if I knit 2 yards of yarn an hour, how long have I spent on this project?
How many cigs did I not smoke?
Will I finish it by next Tuesday?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Such a Busy Bug ?

I was up at 5:30 this morning. It's now 9:10 and I have gotten so much done.
I sent an email to my sister, I played a game demo , I rewashed the hubby laundry ( because I left it in the washer for 2 days and it wasn't smelling too fresh). I cleaned out the hamster cage, I drank about half a pot of coffee, and I read 2 chapters in a book.
And ummm, well, that's it!

I have a million things to do to get the kiddo ready for her California trip, my house is clutter central, I need to try to finish a knitting project, and I haven't even taken a shower yet today( or brushed my teeth) .

I'm hoping this is my last Friday off for awhile.
I haven't heard back about the job, but the interview went great. It's exactly what I was looking for, and it pays more than I hoped.
I think I have a really good chance, but I'm so nervous.
Hopefully I'll hear soon, she wanted someone to start Monday.

Thanks for all the good thoughts, I think you guys really helped my confidence.
I just hope she calls me soon.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Snorts and Giggles

It's been a bad week, so I thought I'd write a little about the lighter side.

Actual Conversations

The other day I was at the little grocery by my house. Just picking up a few essentials ( bread, milk, teepee, something for dinner, (I was dying for tacos).
And I know I shouldn't have blown the 4 bucks on beer, but dammit, I wanted one. So I'm there in the checkout, with the CuteYoungThing ringing up my stuff, making the usual small town small talk, went like this

CYT - Are you having a good day?
Bug - Oh not too bad, you?
CYT - Okay. Is it sposed to rain this week?
Bug - That's what I heard, it'd be nice
CYT - Can I see your ID for the beer?
Bug - ?? Huh?
Bug - Really?
CYT - I have to card everyone under 30, sorry, it's a rule
Bug - *looking for ID in wallet, smiling *
CYT - I carded a woman who was 40yrs old earlier today! Can you believe it?!
Bug - Really? *smiling bigger, trying to get ID out of the little pocket*
CYT - I was so embarressed!
Bug - *Hands over ID*
CYT - OMG! You look so young!
Bug - Thank You !
CYT - You're older than my Mom!
Bug- Oh? ( ouch)
CYT - You look way younger than my Mom!
Bug - *smile back* Thanks!
CYT - Have a nice day!

Bless you CuteYoungThing. May someday , someone, give you as nice a compliment when you need it.


So me and Kate are watching The Today last week, like we do every school day morning.
She in the living room eating breakfast, me in the den behind her checking email. We're talking back and forth, and an ad comes on for the new Dixie Chicks CD.

Kate - How can the Dixie Chicks have a new CD?
Bug - Why not?
Kate - Aren't they too old?
Bug - Too old!!?? Why would they be too old to make a CD?
Kate - Aren't they like 30?
Bug - So? * laugh*
Kate - That's way too old to have a new CD.
Bug - No it isn't. What about the Stones, they're still good.
Kate - The who? ( I swear she said that)
Bug- Yes! And The Who!
Kate - That's old people music, it doesn't count.
Bug - Yes, it does too count.
Kate - It's old people Rock music, it doesn't count.
Bug - Yes it does! The Stones are still making great music, and they are really old.
Kate - I don't like Rock.

( And for this I blame her father, because if he didn't play all music at a level that shakes the walls, she might have a better appreciation for Rock. We have a really great classic rock collection , but he listens at such a loud level, that she has rebelled.)

Bug - Whatever, get dressed and brush your teeth.
Kate - * muttering* I still say they are too old for a new CD

I'm listening to the Chicks now, bought it today ( with a gift card that my MIL sent me last month) , it is speaking to me on a different level right now, more personnal than political for sure.

Katie Music

Tell me please, that I am not the only one who recognizes this song lyric

We're soaring
There's not a star in heaven that we can't reach
If we're trying
Yeah, we're breaking free

High School Musical mania has invaded my home. Mine, and millions of other households with teens and pre-teens. That Disney Channel!
Oh? Haven't heard about this phenomena?
Check the Billboard charts, do a goggle search, this thing is huge! Seriously.

Disney channel has tapped into this enormous audience by creating entertainment targeted at pre and young teens. Sitcoms , made for tv movies , pop music, all targeted at my child's demographic. It's okay entertainment too, bubble gum and fluff for sure, but why not?
I'd guess that even Disney was surprised at how this one took off though.
High School Musical is a made for Disney channel movie, a musical.
The story is sweet, and has a good message, the stars are perky, but the big thing is the music.

My child was singing along the first time she saw it. By the second, she knew all the words, and most of the middle school kids were singing this stuff in the halls. Even the cool kids knew the words.
Disney started showing it every Friday night, because it was a huge hit. ( and we watched it, again and again)
The soundtrack CD came out last March , and I bought it for Kate's Birthday the day I heard it was out ( read about it in Entertainment Weekly, it was 3rd on the Billboard chart already!)
Last week the DVD came out, like a good mom I bought it , and it has been played alot!
The songs stick in my head , and I find myself singing them all the time.
It could be worse, she used to listen to Barney CD's .

I expect more pop musicals from Disney , ( a sequel to HSM is already in the works) they have discovered an untapped goldmine.
I figure I'd better make some more money quick.
My child doesn't like Rock.

Job Hunting

We've had some pretty serious money troubles lately ( by "lately" I mean the last 3 years) , that have caused some problems this last week. We think it's going to get better, that we'll be able to hang on.
Of course it all hinges on me getting a better job. ( or two)

So I have been filling out applications, and putting on a brave face, and trying to get someone to interview me.
I've learned that applying for jobs is easier if you don't have the stench of desperation on you.
And good shoes.
I'm afraid my shoes aren't right.

So I've applied for two different receptionist positions. I have experience , though it's from a long time ago ( like before I was older than the Dixie Chicks, Ha!) .
One is at a Veterinary Hospital, and the other is at an Air Conditioning company.
I'm qualified for both.
I worked at a Vet when I was a babe of 20, and then worked customer service for a builder til I was 27. ( Oh my, was I ever that young?)

So no one has called me back yet. I picked up the Vet ap last Friday ( the day after my lunchlady gig ended for the summer, my feet were still sore) , dropped it off on Tuesday and called the office manager on Weds to inquire about an interview. Still nothing. ( I went by today and missed the office manager by minutes)
The A/C place I went to today, as soon as I saw the paper, they are interviewing next week.

I hope , I hope.

Two little picky problems with these jobs.
For those of you familier with the Bug Soup, you know I hate dogs.
The A/C place? It was freakin hot as hell in there! I wanted to ask if they had air conditioning.

I'll get one of them though, right?

Unless I don't have the right shoes.
Or I'm too old.
Or I look too young.

Wishing Lvoe to you all!
Have a wonderful weekend!