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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006

We had a wonderful Christmas!
Hope you all had good heart and warm Holiday feelings.

I hope you all are having as wonderful a New Year as we are.
2006 started off badly for me and mine, but through hard work, and heart, and good fortune , it's ending well.

Steve has been hired on permantely with the company he has been working for since March. More money, great benefits, job security that he hasn't had in 3 years.
We have medical insurance again!

I'm making some desicions about my work thing .
I can't go on working two jobs forever, and have decided to let one of them go. For those of you hoping I would keep the one that pays less, but makes me happier, well, I think I'm going in that direction. In fact, upon hearing that I was thinking of leaving my school job, one of the managers at the retail place offered me my own department. ( plus more hours and more money)
Not as much as the LunchLady gig pays, but close.
I think I may do that, come the end of the School year ( May)
I can honestly say that in 5 months, that I have never had a 'Bad Day' there.
I like it!
I like it more than any job I've ever had.
The only reason I don't quit the school job now, is that I can't leave them hanging in the middle of the year.

I wish you all well!
I wish you happiness and prosperity, I wish you Love and good fortune.
I wish you good parking, and good karma.

Happy 2007!