Bug Soup

A Broth of Rambling Thoughts ( with some morsels of 'silly' thrown in for flavor)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Everything

To all my friends of all faiths, and to those of none

I wish you joy
I wish you laughter
I wish you warm when you are cold, and cool air when you are too warm
I wish you funny
I wish you comfort
I wish good health, for you and yours
I wish for you less worry
I wish you good rest, good sleep
May you always awake with a smile and face the day with a positive outlook

I wish for you, enough
Enough food
Enough heat
Enough joy
Enough security
Enough love

I Wish for you, my friends and family
Much goodness, much Love
Now and always

Be Safe
Be Well
I Love you