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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Richer the Prettier

I have this theory that people with money are better looking.

No, hear me out on this, I have points and stuff to back it up. Really.

So I know that the standard of what "Beauty" is in our society changes a lot, but this has no bearing on my theory at all. I’ve also heard the whole thing about good-looking people being more successful. That isn’t what I mean.

People with money are better looking, then the poor.

First I guess I should explain what I think of as beautiful, and this applies to men too ( though they aren’t on the cover of every magazine next to the checkout line, so it is maybe a little more about women).
I am talking purely physical beauty for the purpose of this posting. I know that beauty and attractiveness is more than just the outer shell. I know that wit, and wisdom and humor and kindness are beautiful, but I am talking about outer appearances now. The shallow stuff.

I don’t think size, height, shape, color, ethnicity or age matter as much, as Health.
What all beautiful people have in common, is that they look healthy.
Beautiful is healthy skin, no matter what it’s shade. Beautiful is good teeth and healthy gums, even if they aren’t perfectly straight. Beautiful is shiny hair, no matter it’s texture or shade .
Beautiful is good posture, and a confident stance. Beautiful is bright clear eyes, whether they are blue or brown or gray. Physical beauty really comes in all sizes, colors and ages.
But healthy people, look better. Healthy is pretty.

So my theory about money and looks.
People with money are able to eat healthier foods, able to afford good vitamin suppliments , tend to be thinner and in better shape. They can afford a gym membership if they want, or a personnel trainer. The children of people with money tend to eat better foods, healthier foods, (trust me, fresh produce costs more then hot dogs, beans and frozen french fries)
People with money can afford better skin care, better soaps and shampoos, better magical wrinkle creams, good make-up, better sunscreen and good nail polish. They can afford the occasional manicure, pedicure or a good massage.
They can see a Dentist, afford eye surgery, contact lenses or more stylish glasses.
People with money can afford a good haircut, and can afford to get it done every 4 to 6 weeks.
They are better groomed.
People with money can afford to have that weird thing removed from their face, or from their kid’s face.
People with money tend to get more excercise , they have more leisure time, they are able to afford a vacation and relax, or maybe just have the energy left at the end of the day to take a walk .
People with money can afford clothes that fit, clothes that are in style and clothes that compliment their shape.
People with good shoes tend to stand taller.
And this is just a guess, but if you can pay your bills, I imagine you sleep better at night. Rested people are brighter people. People who sleep well, smile more., people who smile are more attractive.
So my theory is that rich people are better looking, because they are healthier, because they are better rested, because they can afford to dress well, and be nicely groomed.
( and I didn't even get into the whole lazer hair removal thing)

But for the life of me, I still can’t explain Donald Trump, Michael Jackson or Joan Rivers.


Blogger Blue said...

I couldn't agree more with the thesis, Buggy.
To add, it's damned tiring, is it not, when you're scraping by? The stress wears one out, you stoop, you take a tired pallor to the skin, and any relief that you might be able to afford is often distinctly unhealthy. And the lack of wherewithal to escape...
Also--did you notice that regarding couples, people tend to end up with someone as approximately as 'pretty' as they are. And so the genes dictate the next generation.
Thanks for the observation, and IMHO, really well written!

4:30 AM  
Blogger Jolene said...

Yup, all very much true. I was going to add being able to afford plastic surgery to the list, but it's actually debatable whether that makes people look better (I'd say, most of the time, no), and also, then you brought up Michael Jackson.

10:51 AM  
Blogger gothmog said...

Heh. All my life I cursed my parents for giving me ugly genes, when I really needed to be cursing them for not making enough dough.

The slackers.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Supes said...

I agree. Wise words, Bugaboo.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous badger said...

i think rich men, even if they're ugly themselves, attract beautiful women and therefore breed beautiful babies.

example: jon voight (SCARY) + marcheline bertrand (quite nice) = angelina jolie (hubba hubba)

6:34 PM  
Blogger Blue said...

...and Jodie Foster?

2:47 PM  
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