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Friday, October 26, 2007

Natural Light Has 3.2 Carbs Per Serving - 5 Beers = A Snack

It's an update!

I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote.
But there is something you should know about me
I? Am lazy.

So I have excuses.
Doctor appts and work and excercise ( oh wait, I blew the excercise thing off this week, so that doesn't count) , I have good excuses.
I count everything now.
I count carbs mostly, and fat grams, and hours since I tested my sugar, and hours til I test my sugar again. I count minutes on the treadmill, I count how many days and hours I work, and how much time I have to eat between work and Doc appts. I count how many hours I get to sleep, and how many hours til I get to sleep again.
Diabetes, has made me a bit OCD.

I took 6 weeks of classes.
How to eat, what to eat, when to eat. I learned about medications, and the scary ( oh so scary) things that diabetes and uncontrolled high blood sugar counts can do to my body. I learned that since I am young to be dignosed with Type2 , I will outlive my pancreas, and insulin is in my future.
I was the youngest person in my class. I was also the only person to get 100 on the final exam. (They made us take a test on what we learned, can you believe it? )
I got a free packet of Splenda infused oatmeal, and my insurance got billed for 85 bucks a class.
I am thankful and grateful everyday for insurance coverage. I had a diabetes class and two Doctors appointments this week, I am ever so thankful.

I'm tired of being a diabetic, and I've only known about it for a couple months.
The truth is, it's fucking boring. It's boring and annoying.
I am supposed to look at my feet everyday, inspect them, check the bottoms with a mirror!
What is more boring than that?
( Did I mention I'm lazy?)

I have yet to figure out how to work it to my advantage.
I tried telling Hubby that I wasn't allowed to clean the catbox due to my, Medical Condition, but I started to laugh in the middle of my fake explanation , so that didn't work.
My house is still a mess, my life is still disorganized, someone still has to do the grocery shopping and the laundry, and that someone can't eat candy anymore.
I could take a nap, but the truth is, being active is healthier for me.
Sometimes though, I'd like to just lie down and say , "Fuck it! I'm sick, leave me alone."

I don't drink anymore, and I really don't miss it very much.
But tonight, I have had 3 beers.
That's 9.6 grams of carbs.
I'm allowed that, I can work it into my 'meal plan' , but alcohol has no nutritional value. Empty calories, nonhealthful carbs, no benefit, all that shit. ( I got an A in diabetes education class remember)
But sometimes I just want to feel normal, sometimes I just wish I was kinda buzzed and a little numb.

So enough about me. Laugh!

Love you all.
And extra special *HUGS* to my California peeps, friends and family.
I get it. I understand like no one who hasn't lived there ever will.
I know what those winds feel like, on your skin, in your head. I know what those fires smell like. I know the fear, the agitation, the restlessness, the helplessness.
I know that whatever caused the spark doesn't matter, it's still a Natural Disaster.
Sending Love!

Be Safe ALL!


Blogger Zombs said...

Well it's a good thing you learned to count over 10 then!

Seriously it does suck I imagine. Maybe one day it will become second nature?

Anyway {{{HUGS}}} and I miss you!

8:16 AM  
Blogger Puffy said...

I think you can also count the money that you have saved by eating right and by not drinking.

"They" say it takes 30 days to break a habit, so you're well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. How's your family reacting? Have their diets and lifestyle changed, too?

Thanks for the good California wishes. *smoochies*

1:17 PM  
Blogger momma said...

Buggah, I meant it when I said to call me if you ever want to bitch and whine about diabetes. I know it all too well.

As for using it to your advantage...here are a couple of DH's "tricks"
1. His feet are sore and tired from being in boots for 24 hours at work. His feet can't stand it. It's not good for the feet when you're diabetic. He desperately needs a foot massage.
2. There is an awesome book...crap, I'm going to have to see what it's called. But it lists the carbs for every.flipping.thing you eat. Including restaraunts. And fast food. It has made life sooooooo easy. We can eat Sonic or order a pizza and not have to worry. It breaks down fats and carbs and all that crap.
3. Insulin (and especially the pump) are sooooo much easier and give you a bit more freedom when you are diabetic. Eat a bit much? Too many carbs? Eh...increase your insulin a bit and life goes on.
4. Power naps can be a life saver. Because when you are worn out or exhausted, your body doesn't work as well at breaking down sugars.
5. *smoooooooooooooch*

9:43 AM  
Blogger momma said...

Buggy!! The book DH uses for all his stuff is Calorie King. It's a pocket sized book. Sooooooo helpful. Here's what he said:

Lists fat,calories, and carbohydrates, Sometimes they have them in book section at da wally world, or most book stores have or can get for you or order online and can save a few bucks,can also get it for pda online.

12:30 PM  
Blogger augie said...

Glad to see you are posting, Buggy.


6:34 PM  
Blogger kim (weltek) said...

You CAN take naps...Diabetics can always say their meds and blood sugar levels are making them tired. So see, it can work to your advantage.

OCD can be fun for awhile. :-)

10:32 AM  

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