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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Buggy Hallows and the Deadly Kitten

(Note- there will be NO spoiling of the Harry Potter Book here)

Today is 'Friends and Family Day' at my store.
For the last week we have been giving out 20% off coupons to everyone. Employees were each given a stack ( about 30) coupons and told we could make copies, and we have also been giving them away at the store to all the customers.
It's a totally cool deal! 20% off your total purchase on the one day! Who could hate that?

Well can you believe we have had customers get pissed about it?
I would give the customers a coupon, explain we were open late on Sunday and invite them to come in for the great deal, and they would make me cancel what they just bought, or just get mad that I wouldn't give them the discount right then. I would explain it's Sunday only, and they would say, " I don't have time for that."
Last week some guy asked if he could get a refund on the patio set he bought last month, and then buy it back on the discount. Ummmm, no.
What is wrong with people?

Yesterday we had people get mad that we wouldn't give them 20 off what they had just purchased, and one woman actually cussed out one of our cashiers, ripped up the check she was writing and leave her basket full of stuff.
( Hello Bitch? You just cussed out a sweet 73 year old woman who was just trying to give you a gift. You can't shop on Sunday because you have to go to church, and are demanding we change the rule for you? Hope your higher power forgives you, because personally, I'm ticked,)

What is wrong with people?

Anyway, after that I stopped handing the coupons out, I slipped them into the sacks instead.
We did continue to tell people that were planning on making large purchases yesterday , like furniture, that they should come back on Sunday, most were really happy.

So here is the thing. It's a gift, a pretty good one when you consider the last time Walmart ( the only other big retailer in my town) gave their customers 20% off everything in the store, was NEVER.
When someone gives you a gift, you smile, and say , "Thank you" not, " Why didn't you give me this gift last month?"

I work 5 to 11 tonight, should be really busy. I am planning on smiling, and hoping for happy customers. I will be having fun!


We have a cat!
An actually furry pet that cuddles and purrs, unlike the furry pet (hamster) that growls and bites and can't be touched. A real pet.

His name is Simber, he is 13 weeks old, he has stripes, and he is oh so cute!
He does cat things, like chase your feet and try to trip you while you walk, pounce on your legs while you are trying to sleep, walk on your keyboard or book, bump your nose with his nose and then sneeze in your face, attack your legs with his claws while you are sitting on the potty, stick his whole face in your coffee cup, pose cute whenever someone has a camera, and cuddle and purr and sleep on your lap.
You know, the usual stuff.
I will post a picture of him soon, maybe once the claw holes in my legs start to heal. Ha!
We love him.


Actual conversation heard in my house yesterday.

Buggy to Hubby - Hey look, Lisa's book has a new cover! Come see it!

Hubby - I read the reviews today

Buggy - Huh? Reviews? No, Lisa's book, Wheezy's book.

Hubby ( totally not listening) - They say it is darker than the other ones

Buggy- What? No, it's not out yet.

Hubby- Yes it is, I read 4 reviews and they said **** ***** **** **** ****** ******

Buggy - OMG!!

Hubby - What?

Buggy - You did NOT just spoil the Harry Potter for me??? OMG!!

Hubby - I read where at the end ***** ***** ***** ***** ****

Buggy- SHUT UP!

Hubby- I haven't read any of the books

Buggy- I know! I have and I wanted to read this one without knowing the end

Hubby- Oh, at the end ******* ****** ****** ****** *****

Buggy - Dammit!

Hubby- What? I was just trying to tell you that ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Buggy - ARRRGH! Stop it! Shut up! I didn't want to know the end til I read the book!

Hubby- it's right there on the net, in the review I read

Buggy- I didn't read those because I wanted to read the book!

Hubby- Then why were you talking about it?

Buggy - I wasn't!

Hubby ( confused) - Oh

Can I get a refund? He's a little scratched up, but I kept my reciept, and I'm pretty sure he's defective.


Blogger Puffy said...

If you return him today, maybe you'll get the full price back without the 20% discount.

*smears neosporin on the cat scratches*

3:56 AM  
Blogger meemo said...

puffy beat me to the punchline :-)

Hi Buggy!

10:47 AM  
Blogger MTW said...

What???? So at the end, **** ***** **** ******* ***???

Wow! I've also been trying hard to avoid hearing what happens. I need to reread book 6 before I read the last book. I would have navigated away from here if you hadn't included your disclaimer at the top of your post.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Bravie said...

I'm sorry. No refund for you. Most of that species have the same defect. *grin*
I traded mine in for the female version and have found it to be a much better model.

10:32 AM  
Blogger jenbeauty said...

Oh man, my husband knew to leave me alone with my Harry Potter!

I like discounts, whenever they are!!

People just suck and are expected to receive whatever they want when they want. Blah!


11:44 AM  
Blogger Lisa McMann said...

Geez! That coupon thing sucks, bug. I had the same thing when I worked in retail.

And did Steve ever look at my freaking cover or not?!?! ;-)


9:53 AM  

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