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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

School Shopping

I'll start by saying how lucky I am that my Mother in Law bought my child all new clothes when she was in California in June. New jeans, tops, underwear, bras, socks! The kid has clothes, and I am grateful.
My child is grateful too, because believe me, I'm not buying her bright blue 60 dollar Skeetchers, ever.


Went to Payless Shoes today for a new pair of Ugly Work Shoes!
My old pair of UWS were too small ( though they were my size) and hurt my back as well as my knees and feet. They were really bad on the knees and feet.
So bad that after I took them off each day , I hobbled around like I was walking on sharp stones.
Everything hurts my knees these days, walking, sitting, laying in bed, but last years pair of UWS were the worst.
So I bought a new pair in a different style ( 3 ugly styles to choose from!) and a half size larger than my regular size 9 1/2.
Yes, for those of you with Math Skills , that does mean that my new UWS are a size 10!
I'm 5 foot 4 inches tall, so I pretty much look like a hobbit, a clown , or a child wearing her Daddy's shoes.
My feet are freakin' HUGE!
( One day I will share the pain of being told my entire childhood that I would be tall, because my feet were so big, not that I'm still bitter about being lied to or anything)

Found the cutest pair of leather sandals for the KatieBug!
Really cushy soles, very cute, brown ( every year I try to talk her into neutral brown shoes, most times I fail, but really the child can't keep wearing blue shoes her whole life) very stylish, will look so cute with jeans. $18 shoes on sale for 4 bucks! FOUR DOLLARS!
Had to buy them. Had to talk her into them.

Because I liked them she suspected there must be something wrong with them. Afterall she is 13 and her mother is like , well , somewhere over 30 *mumble*41*mumble* and totally not cool ( or whatever the new word for cool is these days, what do I know ? I'm older than dirt)
I made her walk around the store in them , and asked other people if they thought the shoes were cute.
They are, and she needed them, and she needs something to tell a therapist someday.
She agreed! I love the little victories!
So I make the purchases and we go on to the next stop on our shopping day list ...


Let's just start by saying I hate Walmart as much as the next person, but it's there, and in my small town it is almost all that's there.
So there! Hate me,I have to shop there! * hahaha*
We need to buy School supplies.
Hate this! I hate this every year.
First I would like to say that for those who don't know me well, I'm pretty easy, I'm a patient sort, I roll with the flow, but this mess is wrong!
Every year there is this list of supplies they have to have by the first day of school.
Okay, give me the list I'll buy it.
Noooooooooo, not that easy. And it should be easy.

There are 28 items on this list. Some years it has been a struggle finacially, ( it's a good 45 bucks worth of stuff) but this year, thankfully, it is just a matter of filling the list.
So we need 4, three ring , 1" binders. Not a problem you say? That's what I thought.
We need one red, one blue, one black and one gray. All fine, I understand the instructions.
The gray binders are only available in 3". There are NO gray 1" binders, they don't exist. I grab a white one, and my child begins to stress that she won't have the right binder. I tell her it's okay , everyone will have a white one.

2 red pens. This is no problem, usually they come in packs of 5 or 10 ( never 2) , but I'm okey dokey fine with it.
No red pens. There are NO red pens in the entire frickin WalMart! NONE!
( I looked! I asked! It's on the fucking list!)
For some reason they have lots and lots and lots of purple pens stocked this year, but purple pens aren't on the Damn list, and red pens don't exist.
I started to ask my child if maybe the purple..... NOPE, the list says red and she is a conformist on the subject of pens for school. She didn't even let me finish my sentence , she already knew what I was thinking. ( Luckily I found some red pens left over from last year when I was forced to buy 10 when I only needed 2)

The next item on the list is 3 spiral notebooks, 70 count paper , WIDE RULE ( in bold)!
Seriously, the list said WIDE RULE, the words " No College Rule" were underlined.
There was no spiral wide rule paper in 70 count to be found. There were no wide rule spiral binders at all.

Okay , so that isn't exactly true, because although they had college ruled spiral notebooks in all paper counts you can imagine, there was one tiny box , in the back of the shelf, of wide ruled paper. It was in 100 count ( I can deal with that) but it had a FEAR FACTOR theme!
No way am I going to make my child take a notebook that neither one of us can stand to look at,
to school ( even if it is the right ruled paper!) Pictures of people eating worms and calf eyeballs , and roaches, and bloody stuff.
I have my limits, even when it comes to school supplies.

We gather the other stuff, markers and colored pencils and rulers ( " Dont you have like, 5 rulers?") and binder dividers, and highlighters ( the list says 3, they only come in packs of 4) .
Packs of 10 blue ball point pens ( the list says 12, they come in 10 packs, FUCK THE LIST!)

We travel to the stationary section of the store with the other school supply list refuges, with no
luck on spirals or red pens there either. I look at the list a final time and see that we need tissue, Kleenex ( for those of you without kids, they need lots of it, and the allergy mom's are making out like bandits because I know my kid doesn't use that much)
They want me to buy 2 packages of 200 count tissue.
And that is when I remember that the person making the School Supply List, is fucking with me.
They do it every year.
It doesn't come in 200 count boxes.
Go look!
Tissue comes in 80 count, 180 count, and 220 count. Oh there is a special package marketed for school use, but that one has 3 boxes of 150 count.
So I bought a weird box of Puffs, 218 tissues.
182 tissues short of what the School Supply list requests .
I told my child to blow her nose at home.
And we still have to find wide ruled spiral paper somewhere before next week. Blah!

So I'm writing my check at the WalMart, and I think how weird it is that I spent more at the Payless for 2 pair of shoes , when I realise that I wrote a check for $53 bucks for 2 pair of shoes!!
OMG! Payless overcharged me!
So I run to the car to check my Payless receipt, and sure enough they charged me twice for the UWS. Twice!
If you saw these shoes you would barf at the unfairness of this.
I don't even like shoes, and even I know how ugly they are.
So we go back to Payless, where they can't cancel the transaction and give me back my check, and let me write a new one for the actual amount of my actual purchase.
They refund me my money in cash, which I then spend on super weird tacos at the Jack in The Box.
I love those weird Monster Tacos!

So we still need to find some wide ruled spirals before next Tuesday, and I need a hair cut, but mostly, we're ready for School!

Kate starts the 17th, I start back the 12th.

I think it's gonna be a good year!


Blogger Schnookie said...

Gosh Buggy, that was quite the experience. Please tell me why they need kleenex. I have never heard of that.

I feel bad for parents these days. So many things to get for school. I remember back in the good ole days (yeah, I'm old as dirt *smirk*), all we needed was brown paper to wrap our books in.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Jolene said...

Heh heh, I guess I spoke too soon about my big feet. Yours are actually slightly bigger than mine! :)

Have you seen the new Target back-to-school commercials? They're set to "Baby Got Back". How wrong is that? I mean, sure, they changed the words so it no longer has lyrics such as "my anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns, hon" (yeah, I know the lyrics - stop looking at me like that), but still - it's just kind of creepy to be using that song.

12:55 PM  
Blogger momma said...

Ummm...our Walmart still has that stuff. But can you check yours to see if you have story tablets? And a 1/3 ream of some kind of funky paper? Oh and...ONE GREEN HIGHLIGHTER PEN STYLE.

Effing idiots that write these lists.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Bravie said...

Don't tell Augie where you live. She will come and steal all of your school supplies.

I want a bite of your cookie. I didn't get a cookie. Wheezy is not nice. she only gives you cookies.

Shoes are the most important thing ever. EVER!!! I own more shoes than Imelda Marcos. And I bought almost all of them on sale. You need to look into Nike Air or Skechers for comfort, honey. Really, you do. The next time I see a pair of cool Skechers on sale at Mervyn's dept. store in a size 10, I am buying them for you damnit. Buggy needs good toes.
That is all.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Luna said...

As a teacher, I apologize for the required list of supplies. I'm kind of annoyed this year, because we (the teachers) were never asked to submit a supply list for the upcoming year. I found out last week they just reprinted our lists from last year. Well, that's all fine and dandy, but I wanted to change my list. I require my students to have a sketchbook. Unfortunately our Walmart, the ONLY store in town, has decided to stop carrying the sturdy $3.50 Mead sketchbooks and only has piece-of-crap-covers-always-fall-off $10 sketchbooks that I don't want my students to get ripped off on. So I wanted to change my supply list to let the kids know they could either have a sketchbook or a 3 ring binder filled with blank white paper. Ultimately, I'll have about 5 kids show up with a sketchbook on the first day of school and I'll have to hold off on any homework assignments for at least two weeks until they get them.

Oh, and screw the tissues. I have tissues on a different supply list the kids get on the first day, but they're completely optional and for extra credit only. When I do get a box of tissues, it's gone in under a week because most students think they need 18 pieces before they blow their nose. Instead, I just steal rolls of tp from the supply closet and keep those in my room for tissues.

11:24 PM  
Blogger Wheeze said...

Man o man!
We are only required to bring Glade Plug-ins, any scent is fine (it's a male teacher). That alone will cause a huge need for more kleenex.

I'll ask my mom if she has any extra toilet paper left from Y2K that you can have. If she's not using it for her ears, that is.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Buggy said...

Carey is so thoughtful, thanks Babe, but the shoes for work have to have a special non-slip sole, Safety Shoes, and the only ones that work on the floor in our kitchen are UGLY and not comfortable.
Whenever I am not wearing work shoes I wear my beloved and well broken in, Birks.

Luna! Why do they put stuff on the list that isn't carried by the stores? Like, I am pretty sure that TxMomma isn't going to find a green hi-lighter without going to an office supply store, they come in packs of blue, yellow, pink and orange. If pens come in packs of 10, why ask for 12?
It just seems to me that if the teachers made the lists the kids would be bringing what they really need and not a bunch of junk they aren't going to use anyway.

In honor of Augie, I bougth MYSELF a pack of markers! MINE!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous silverstar said...

I'm so glad I don't work retail anymore. I used to work at Staples, and BTS time was always CRAZY!!! I do miss shopping for school supplies though. I always thought it was fun. :)

9:53 AM  
Blogger augie said...

*sigh* Back to school supply shopping. Oh, the memories.

Excuse me I've got to run ... I need to organize my backpack.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Back to school shopping? Ah-ha! There is compensation for being *mumble* 46 *mumble* then...I'm so glad I'm beyond that crap.
Glade Plug-ins. WTF? Kleenex??? Oh, for the Sake of the Flying Spagetti Monster.
Now, if I can just educate Ms Blue to be satisfied with tp x (single ply, triple embossed, aquamarine blue, unscented, ant-repellent, who-the-fuck-gives-a-toss) then I can die happy and fulfilled.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Bravie said...

Do these UWS have to look a certain way? Because at Labsafety.com, they have these skid resistant shoe covers. Maybe, if these new UWS aren't comfie, you could look into buying comfie shoes with the skid resistant shoe cover things.
I'm really into shoes and think it is important that you not have all of these problems if there are other solutions. That and I have nothing else to do this morning while waiting for Michelle to get out of the shower.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Buggy said...

I wish, Carey.
The big boss has decided what shoes we can wear and there is no deviation from his plan. Last year I actually had the right brand of shoes and they were broken in and not too bad, but then he decided that all UWS must be black, and I had to but a new pair.
One of these days I'm going to rant about the hideous uniform they make us wear since they took away the purple pants.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Bravie said...

Oprah had a "Make your dream come true" episode and one of them was a group of lunch ladies. Oprah came in and got them all new uniforms designed real purdy like. Not that I watch Oprah. But maybe you should call Oprah. I bet she has connections to the fashion police and could have your boss arrested.

7:42 AM  
Blogger jenbeauty said...

Thank god for our PTO!! They send home the list, how much it costs and on orientation day we pick up the box and take it to the classroom. The cost is only $30.00 and I don't have the hassle!

I don't mind the kleenex thing or wipes. I am just wondering what the heck happens to all the crayons and markers from the previous year!

Am I like dirt...dear lord....

8:59 AM  
Blogger Pam said...

I spent a fortune on school suplies this year, as you know. I finally found the 70 count notebooks, WIDE RULE! and bought a bunch, since they were on sale for 10 cents. Come to find that the third grade changed their list this year, and they want 5!?! 150 count notebooks. Screw that, I'm sending the 70 count. The 150 count cost a ton more. Pbttttt.

I also got the two boxes of kleenex. (I got the Puffs Spongebob boxes.) 24 kids in class, that's close to 50 boxes, and they'll probably be all gone by Christmas.

One year, the list included Purell. I thought that was a smart choice.

Damn! Your feet are HUGE!

5:13 PM  
Blogger Buggy said...

School has started and the NEW lists have been passed out.
Child needs two more composition books, more paper , and more KLEENEX!
( I still think the allergy kids make out on this deal, because I know my kid doesn't use 2 boxes a year.)
I am going to buy some Purell for Kate's purse! Great idea!

Yes, my feet are huge!
( FU Pam!LOL)
I call my UWS the Herman Munster shoes.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Surveysez said...

Last year's list requested a white board marker. So the class would have , like 25 markers. Now, the kids don't write on the whiteboards. If the school thinks they can't afford it for the classes, perhaps they should just bring back chalkboards. Then there would be snacks, too.

9:15 PM  
Blogger doomie said...

all i can say is...it took me this long to reply because i'm still traumatized by the same back to school shopping...two boys, two different schools, two different districts even....and two different schedules! Ack!

*faints daintily*

i'm so glad they're back in school!!!!

hi buggy!!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Coco said...

I love some school-supply shopping, but so far it's all been for ME ME ME. I have four more years until it's Dominou's turn!

You have my sympathies.

8:26 PM  
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